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In the anime he, Kakashi Hatake and his partner came to the aid of a Konoha lookout that was getting attacked by a group disguised as Iwagakure shinobi, with the intention to create a rift in the peace treaty between villages. Soon after they arrived, the group retreated leading Kakashi to follow them and mercilessly kill all five of the shinobi before their group could collect intel from them. He later reported back to the Fourth Hokage about the matter and how Kakashi was copping following Rin's death.[1]

During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, he and a group of Anbu assisted the Third Hokage with dealing with the Nine-Tails after its sudden appearance in the village. When his team launched an attack, they were all easily repelled and defeated by the Nine-Tails.[2]

Years later, he and his partner stood guard during a meeting between Konoha representatives and the Fire Daimyō. When someone interrupted the meeting, he and his partner immediately restrained the intruder.[3]