Earth-16 or Universe-16 is the universe in which Young Justice takes place. It is part of DC Comics' multiverse of 52 parallel worlds that arose after the Infinite Crisis.

Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti asked DC for one of the Earths that had not been used, and were assigned Earth-16.

However, Earth-16 had been used before. In a DC Nation column, it was said to be the home of the "Super-Sons", and in the Countdown: Arenaminiseries, a Superman of Earth-16 named Christopher Kent appeared. When this was discovered, it was too late to change it for Young Justice, but those events have thus far been ignored.

The timeline lists the events that happened on Earth-16 in chronological order.


  • Around 48,000 BC: Vandal Savage is born.
  • Around 2000 BC: The scarab arrives on Earth and is cleansed of Reach control by Isis.
  • 1310-1410: Ra's al Ghul is born.
  • 1875: Martian Manhunter is born on Mars.
  • 1896: B'arzz O'oomm (Green Beetle) is born.
  • 1904: Kent Nelson is born
  • 1910: T.O. Morrow (human) is born.
  • 1914: Sandman is born.
  • 1916: Inza Cramer is born.
  • 1917: Alan Scott is born. 
  • 1918: Jay Garrick is born.
  • 1918: Ultra-Humanite is born.
  • 1919: Wildcat is born.
  • 1922: Joan Garrick is born.
  • 1925: Icicle Sr. is born.
  • 1925: Wonder Woman is sculpted from clay on Themyscira.
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