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When Eddie's powers first manifested, Eddie was on top of the world. During his first landing, he broke both his legs as he was under the impression that he was also invulnerable.[2]

Sometime later, Eddie became a student at the Xavier Institute and went under the codename Wing. While there he became good friends with Hisako and Blindfold.[2]

Wing loved his powers, so when the Mutant Cure hit the news, he became very nervous. Shadowcat tried to relieve his anxiety by saying that the Cure was optional, but Wing replied, asking Kitty if she was "a f***ing retard".[2]

Depowered and Suicide

Later Ord, bent on revenge, attacked the Institute with the intent of using the Cure on the X-Men. When he learned that they were on a mission, he decided instead to use Wing to send a message of what he had in store for their kind. While trying to escape, Wing was pricked with the cure and fell to the ground, no longer able to fly.[3]

Eddie tried to cope without his abilities but found it very hard. He was allowed to stay at Xavier's as a student, but only became more and more depressed. Many other students and X-Men looked on him with pity, which only caused him to further isolate himself. When he was not in class, he would go into the Danger Room and make it look like outside of the Institute where he would usually fly. Here he would try to will his power to work, but with no effect. The sentient Danger Room felt Wing's pain and knew that if someone would die inside the Danger Room, she would become free. Pretending to be his friend Armor, Wing was fed lies about how he should end his life.[4]

Wing's life was cut short when he finally made the fatal jump, hoping that his powers would return.

They didn't.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Wing was a mutant who was depowered by a Hope Serum injection from Ord prior to M-Day. Before this being depowered Wing possessed the following powers:

  • Self-Propelled Flight


  • Wing had a crush on Kitty Pryde.
  • Wing officially died in issue Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #7, but he was later "possessed" by the Danger Room.
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