At ease, boys.
Thank you for coming, Iron Man.
Atlantis welcomes you.
Well, Lord Attuma, you can't really discuss world security without the Avengers.
But judging by the new arsenal outside, you've got the security part covered.
May I introduce the Lady Elanna, my daughter.
She is responsible for our enhanced defense systems.
Also, Commander Orka, Tiger Shark's replacement as the head of my armored forces.
Lady Elanna.
Commander Orka.
Pleasure to meet you.
Sorry it has to be under these circumstances.
You are not at fault, Iron Man.
Wakanda is responsible for our situation.
Black Panther's actions have upset the world order.
- I know he is your friend - Was.
Past tense.
In any case, it pleases me to see you are taking these matters seriously.
Wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
Go ahead.
Bring 'em out.
Hawkeye, Black Widow, please hand over the Shadow Council.
Or what's left of them.
Consider them a peace offering to get things going.
And as a show of good faith How about I stow this? Give you two a chance to talk one-on-one.
Thanks, Natasha.
[computer trilling] - [chiming] - Hmm? Priority One? This better be good.
[beeps] You.
Hello, Black Widow.
Black Panther.
The ink's not even dry on this treaty and I'm already violating it just by talking to you.
You will understand my actions when you have seen who I have found.
[door opens] But But I I saw him torn apart.
I saw it! Come on, Natasha.
You think a little time trapped in a pocket dimension's gonna keep this soldier down? No.
I I knew you'd gone over the edge, Panther, but this? What kind of game are you playing now? This is Captain America, alive.
I am inviting the Avengers to join me here in Wakanda.
I will explain everything.
It's gonna take a lot more than your word to get anyone to fall for this.
I've known Cap for years.
There's no way this guy Steven Rogers, born in Brooklyn, New York, 1920.
Captain, US Army.
Natasha Romanoff, trained in the Red Room Program.
Born in Natasha, where were you born? Oh, who remembers? It was so long ago.
Kiev? Beijing? Timbuktu? You're not Natasha.
Who are you? She is Princess Zanda, part of the Shadow Council.
It is the only explanation.
I should have seen it.
Yes, you should have.
It's far too late now.
Oh, well.
I suppose we'll just have to start the war without you.
[laughing] We shall see.
Princess Zanda and Killmonger mean to incite a war.
We must get word to Atlantis.
[sighs] We're locked out of the Avengers' comm-link and Atlantis is under signal blackout during the peace talks.
Then we'll just have to tell them in person.
[groaning] Captain! I'm all right.
Just a little light-headed, that's all.
I'll be fine.
Your vital signs are all over the place.
You still need time to recover from your time in the Crown.
Shuri is right.
You are in no condition to travel.
And you're a wanted man.
I need to be there to prove I'm alive.
No, Captain.
Your job now is to let yourself heal.
Proving my innocence will have to wait until after we stop the Shadow Council.
Atlantean security has been completely overhauled.
Under normal circumstances, cracking it would take months.
We have hours, at best.
All right.
Let's go.
Shuri, wait.
I need you here to keep an eye on Bask.
- [monitor beeping] - We do not know what she will do if she wakes.
But you still need help with this.
If only there was someone handy who was an expert at breaching high-level security.
- Shuri - Oh, wait a moment.
There is a person nearby who fits that description.
- He's right downstairs, in fact.
- No! No, no, no, no, Shuri.
Anyone but him.
The world is on the brink of war.
Is now really the time to be picky? [Klaue] So, after I was betrayed by the giant bat, I went to space, went to jail, then I helped save the King of Wakanda.
That's when the Black Panther realized he can't do anything without yours truly.
Huh? Ha-ha! I knew it! Only a matter of time till you came crawling back, begging for my help.
Hey, wait.
Where are you going? Come back! Well, well, well.
Hello, T'Challa.
"T'Challa"? Not "Whiskers"? I am surprised, Hunter.
This is normally where you take your chance to annoy me.
I think we're passed childish pet names now, don't you? Fair enough, White Wolf.
You look well.
Prison life agrees with me.
You look tired.
Guess it's true what they say heavy crown, heavy head.
Where is the Crown, by the way? It is in a secure vault, safe.
It's a good thing.
Especially after all that destruction it caused.
If only someone had warned you about Baron Zemo.
Oh, wait.
I did.
- You told him? - Of course I told him.
Despite everything, he's still our brother.
Tell T'Challa he still owes me an apology for not trusting me.
Tell Hunter I would have been more inclined to listen if he had discussed the matter with me instead of playing games.
Stop it, both of you.
We have no time for squabbling.
There are lives at stake.
Hunter, you need to get T'Challa inside Atlantis.
[whistles] Breaking into Atlantis.
Well, that's a neat trick.
One I have done already.
Of course, if you are not up to the task, I am happy to find a replacement.
Who said I wasn't up for it? Of course I'll help.
On one condition.
He has to ask me in words.
T'Challa? I'm waiting.
Does he have to look so smug about it? [taunting chuckle] T'Challa.
Help me break into Atlantis.
[growls] Please.
Was that so hard? Yes.
I accept.
Ahh! It was getting cramped in there.
And now, since I'm the one in charge, you are taking orders from me.
[growls] [Black Panther] Defenses have been increased since my last incursion.
I hope your brilliant plan accounts for this.
Of course it does.
It's brilliant.
You see, there's one flaw in every Atlantean defense strategy.
And what is that? They're all based around one principle up.
Every scenario they plan for involves an attack from the surface.
I agree with your assessment, but I fail to see how - [communicator beeps] - Shuri, how do you heat an underwater city? The Atlanteans siphon warm water from a naturally occurring geothermal vent below the city.
Well done.
Efficient and eco-friendly.
You see? When you're only looking up, you leave yourself wide open to attack from - Below.
- Exactly.
[ascending mechanical whine] Hunter, that water is well over 750 degrees.
The sub's upper tolerance is only 800.
So we're 50 degrees shy.
Hunter! I don't know why you keep saying my name like that.
Hunter, don't you dare melt my new submarine.
We are not going to melt the sub.
- We're gonna melt the sub.
- Of course we are.
Wait for it Here we go! - [alarm beeping] - [Shuri] What are you doing to my sub? The structural integrity has been compromised! If you don't get out of there, the entire hull is going to melt - in seven, six, five, four - [static] I was just gonna ask her if this thing had an escape pod.
- [yells] - Move.
[beeps] [both grunt] [laughs] Oh, Shuri's gonna be so mad you broke her sub.
Of all the reckless, half-baked, lunatic What you're trying to say is, "Thank you, Hunter, for being so amazing.
" You nearly got us killed! Nearly killed isn't killed, is it? I said I'd get you in and you, brother, are in.
Thanks to me! Exactly.
That was the plan.
I get us in some hot water, literally this time, and you pull us out, like always.
Face it, T'Challa.
You're a little predictable.
That is not a plan.
That is luck.
Well, sometimes luck is a factor.
Then your luck has officially run out.
As of right now, I am in charge.
You follow my orders.
I told Father we needed to post a unit on the sublevel.
Well, seize them.
So, since you're in charge now, what's your brilliant plan? I am working on it.
You shouldn't have come back to Atlantis, Black Panther.
Now you'll never leave.
- Well, she's friendly.
- She is Attuma's daughter.
That temper must run in the family.
[both grunt] [both gasp] [grunts] [yelling] - [straining] - Ha-ha.
Look at that.
We don't make such a bad team after all.
[communicator beeps] Orka, come in.
Aah! [growls] Sorry.
This is a private party.
Lay your hand on me again and you will not like the result.
[both grunting] Let's all take a moment to calm down.
[both grunting] You look angry, Princess.
I get that a lot.
[yells] The peace talks are already underway.
If you meant to disrupt them, you're too late.
[yells] [growls] On the contrary, my lady.
We've come to ensure the safety of your fair kingdom.
Your choice to enter via the sewers [scoffs] does not inspire trust.
I agree.
We're unconventional.
Well, I am.
My brother, on the other hand [chuckles] Hunter, enough.
Lady Elanna is obviously stalling for time.
She means to keep us distracted until her reinforcements arrive.
Astute observation, Black Panther.
I can see why you're the one they made king.
- Hey - We must speak with Attuma at once.
The Shadow Council means to sabotage the accords.
[incredulous laugh] The last remaining members of the Shadow Council are safely in our custody.
Well, that's not exactly true.
[Attuma] Black Panther must be taught a lesson.
Wakanda must be brought to heel.
Well, maybe.
I-I mean, I'm all for T'Challa getting in front of a judge for his crimes, but I'm not sure everyone in Wakanda needs to pay for them too.
Wakanda is bound by its traditions, led by whoever wears the mantle of Black Panther, regardless of their fitness for the station.
If he is guilty, they all are.
Well, now, let's hold on there.
We don't want to put blame where it isn't deserved.
- We need to - We must impose order.
I have brought order to the oceans.
It is my strength that holds Atlantis together.
- I thought you - Tony might need it.
- You never know with Atlanteans.
- Hm.
Without order, the people descend into the anarchy of warring tribes.
And does your daughter agree with the strong-arm approach? Elanna is young.
She has much to learn.
There will be many tides before her leadership is tested.
[Black Panther] Zanda delivering Killmonger and Tiger Shark to you is part of their plan to instigate a war.
Check on your prisoners.
You will see that we are telling the truth.
- [beeping] - Huh? Palace communications have been disabled.
Is this where we say, "Told you so," or I'm sure this is merely routine.
My father ordered a communications blackout in order to protect the integrity of the negotiations.
The opportune moment for the Shadow Council to strike.
They'd have to break out first.
And with communications disabled, you'd have no way of knowing.
Our detention center is unparalleled, rivaled by no terrestrial prison.
I should know.
I designed it.
I have no doubt your security is sound, but the Shadow Council's influence is corrosive.
I underestimated them.
I urge you not to make the same mistake.
If you want to examine an Atlantean prison cell so badly, you can check for all the flaws you like from inside.
Take us there.
If I am wrong, we will submit ourselves to incarceration.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who is this "we"? Just to be clear, I did not agree to this plan.
[Lady Elanna] We're almost to the detention block.
Where are you taking these prisoners? To the eastern watchtower, Your Highness.
Where is Orka? He never would have authorized this transfer.
You will return these prisoners to their cells at once.
That's an order.
Sorry, Your Highness.
We can't do that.
What is this? [grunts, laughs] [growls] This, Lady Elanna, is a coup.
Attuma will learn of your betrayal.
All of you! By the time we're done with the three of you, Attuma's rule will be over.
[Atlantean guards yell] [Lady Elanna yelling] - [White Wolf] Hey, fish face! - [grunts] [yells] [grunting] [White Wolf] Been a while since my last scrap.
- My brother had me locked up in jail.
- [grunts] [Lady Elanna yelling] [all grunting] [Atlanteans clamoring] [grunts, groans] Round up the surface dwellers! Of course.
Because we didn't already have our hands full.
Get to Attuma.
Inform him the Black Panther has breached our defenses.
- What is it? - Orka sent me.
Black Panther is in the city.
- Panther.
- Where? In the Coral Garden.
What do you say we settle this once and for all? - You read my mind.
- Take us there.
- But the Commander said - If Attuma learns Black Panther's here, he'll call off the peace treaty, which is exactly what Panther wants.
All right.
I'll take the one on the left, you take the 15 on the right.
Be still.
Let us see what Lady Elanna can do.
Commander, the Wakandans are not the threat, Tiger Shark is.
He and Killmonger mean to disrupt my father's peace conference.
How did they escape detention? Tiger Shark was set free by these traitors.
This is a coup, Commander.
Black Panther and White Wolf were helping me defend Attuma's kingdom.
You would betray your king? It's high time Atlantis had a new leader worthy of the title.
[Atlantean guards shout] Attuma is weak.
He's no longer fit to rule.
I know you sense it too.
Attuma's strength is all that binds us together.
My father can be infuriating I should know but he never wavers.
Attuma has grown soft with age! Invited in surface dwellers, taken their council over his own commanders.
Trusting his minnow of a daughter to protect us with her toys.
Tiger Shark would plunge us into chaos.
Already he's pitted us against one another.
Take Tiger Shark and the other traitors into custody.
[growls] You're making a mistake, Orka.
Apologies, Your Highness.
Please don't mistake my hesitation for disrespect.
No need for apologies.
My father and I both know your loyalty is true.
[slow clap] That was some speech, Princess.
I said what was true, no more.
We must reach Attuma.
What is the fastest way from here? Hey, we just stopped the coup.
Mission accomplished.
Can't we take a second to No, we cannot.
I have told you - And I've told you to stop telling me.
- That's quite enough.
They've got Lady Elanna.
I'll get her clear.
You have time for one shot.
Waited a long time for this.
[running footfalls] [both grunt] Aaahh! [groans] You shouldn't have come here.
Hawkeye, wait! You must listen to me.
Save it.
I'm tired of your excuses.
[yells, groans] End of the road.
No Wakandan border to save your bacon this time.
Stop! You've been deceived.
That woman is not who she appears.
[grunts] - What is she talking about, Widow? - I have no clue.
Zanda shape-shifted into Black Widow after our battle in New York.
Man, your lies are getting bigger and bigger.
You must really be desperate if you expect me to believe that.
I have never lied to you, Clint.
I have kept secrets, but that was necessary.
This woman is not Natasha.
She is Zanda.
Nat is my best friend.
You think I wouldn't know the difference between her and some copycat? Right now, I am counting on it.
No, it's not It's not possible.
Natasha, tell them.
Ugh! Boring.
You're all so boring! [grunts] - Hawkeye! Your quiver! - Hmm? Aahh! [groans] [exhales] This disguise has already served its purpose.
The bomb is set.
Did she say "bomb"? [screeching] [grunts] My hands! Be calm.
We have you.
[grunts] No! Don't you touch me! You've done enough! Clint, surely you can see there is no reason to continue this ongoing [groans] I don't know what to think right now, except somebody has to stop that imposter [groans] and I'm in no shape to do it.
You are right.
What is between us can wait.
Lady Elanna, can you get my friend to your infirmary? Of course.
But what are you going to do? I am going to stop a war.
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