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Ms. Eleanor Butterbean is Billy and Mandy's teacher at the Endsville Elementary School.

In "Modern Primitives", she is kidnapped by Fred Flintstone, and states she wants 2.5 children with him and a house of the east side of town. Ms. Butterbean has once had her body taken over by Nergal Jr. because of Ms. Butterbean not being nice to Junior. In "Wrath of the Spider Queen" she was one of the cocooned victims. She is even heard panicking for help. However she was freed at the end.


Eleanor is a beautiful woman who has black hair styled short with bangs on the right side of her face a mole on her right cheek and black horned rimmed glasses. She wears a navy blue calf-length dress with white pumps. She also wears lipstick.


She is somewhat selfish and vindictive, as she only wants the money from teaching. She doesn't care much about her students, and is only teaching to get her paycheck. She is often seen napping in the class. The lack of enthusiasm reflects on her and Goodvibes said she is paid $2 an hour. She seems to hate everything, everybody, and never cares if Grim comes or a mass destruction happens.