DBGT Super Android 17 vs SSJ4 Goku FULL FIGHT

Electro Eclipse Bomb電撃地獄玉 (Dengeki Jigoku Dama), also known as Shocking Death Ball (電撃地獄玉) is a combination of the Electric Shot and Hell Breaker techniques, and is Super 17's most powerful attack.


Super 17 places his hands forward as if he were going to do a Flash Bomb attack, only he forms a sphere of deep black energy that has another gray sphere inside it that turns black in the center and has red electricity flowing around it. If he charges the attack for a few seconds, it seems to take on a decagon shape, but most commonly looks like a circle. Once he fires it, it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a nuke-sized explosion that destroys everything caught in the explosion.

Electro Eclipse Bomb is the attack he uses to kill Dr. Myuu when he wants to prove no one controls him.

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