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The Electrocutioner is a high tech criminal known to have crossed paths with Batman. Thanks to his suit, he is capable of emitting electrical blasts and generating an electrical field around himself. He was later recruited by Talia al Ghul (DCUAOM) to join her League of Shadows. Electrocutioner participated in interrogating Chuckie Sol, one of Black Mask's Made Men, for details on an incoming weapons shipment by shocking him repeatedly. A batarang suddenly bounced off Electorcutioner and emitted a gas cloud. When one of the armed men was shot in the leg, Electrocutioner realized the mystery opponent was not Batman. It was Batwoman. She opened fire but Electrocutioner raised a field in front of himself and blocked the bullets. They battled hand to hand then Batwoman got him in a bola then clotheslined him and elbowed him in the face. Batman soon arrived and dodged Electrocutioner's blast with ease, backhanded Hellhound then used him as a shield for Electrocutioner's next shot. After crashing Firefly and Killer Moth into each other, Batman shoved Hellhound into Electrocutioner then unleashed a flurry of hits on him. He shoved Batwoman out of the way of blast, elbowed Electrocutioner in the chin, then took a hand and jolted Tusk in the face. He palmed Electrocutioner in the face and finished off Tusk.

Over two weeks later, he participated in a raid on Wayne Tech to gain access to a secret vault on sub-level three. Lucius Fox refused to give up the location at first but Heretic ordered Tusk to kill his son, Luke. Luke got free, kicked Electrocutioner, took Tusk's knife and tried to fight Heretic. Heretic threatened to snap Luke's neck and Fox complied. He managed to send a security breach alert to the Batmobile prior and the gang fought Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin. Electrocutioner proceeded to kill Robin despite Heretic's order to stop. Heretic threw a knife into Electrocutioner, killing him.