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The Cara Kesh version of the Emerald Empress has appeared in the episode "Far From Home" of Justice League Unlimited with the other Fatal Five against the Legion. She was voiced by Joanne Whalley.[5] In that episode, the Eye's power proved to be stronger than a Green Lantern Power Ring.

Emerald Empress appears in the 2019 DC Universe Original Movie Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, voiced by Sumalee Montano.[6] In this version, she is Mano's lover. She and Validus were sent back into the 21st century to be imprisoned on Oa since the Green Lanterns no longer existed in the 31st century to hold dangerous captives like them. She is freed by Mano, revealing her plan to steal the power of the Green Lantern battery and send her Eye into the sun to destroy it, and therefore Earth, preventing the Legion of Superheros from being formed.

Powers and abilities

The Emerald Empress has no innate superpowers of her own, but wields the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Her connection to the object gives her direct access to its immense mystical power, which she employs in a variety of ways.

The object gives her the ability to fly and survive in the vacuum of space. The Eye itself can be used to generate protective force fields around herself, attack with energy blasts powerful enough to take down Superboy, create energy constructs, hypnotize others, and teleport. It has also given her superhuman strength on more than one occasion, and even made herself grow to giant size. In a recent appearance, the Eye gave the Empress the power to cast illusions or alter reality, rebuilding the planet of Orando into a medieval-like society as she envisioned it. It can also see through every spectrum and wavelength, reform itself if it shatters, enhance any innate powers that its current user has, and keep the Empress young and beautiful.