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Emma Frost was a former member of the villainous group The Inner Circle. Emma later left the group. During Jean Grey'srampage due to losing control of the Phoenix Force, Cyclops spotted an astral projection of Emma Frost behind her, leading him to believe that Emma was manipulating Jean.

Emma was found by the X-Men unconscious in a laboratory in Japan. When confronted about her role in Jean's death, Emma denied this and blamed Mastermind for framing her using his illusionary powers. She then joined the X-Men.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Emma Frost (Earth-616)#Powers


Martial Arts training, combined with diamond form for devastating attacks,

Strength level

Becomes immune to telepathic powers in diamond form.


Loses ability to use telepathy when in diamond form.


  • In the English Dub, Emma had the power to turn into diamond before joining the Inner Circle. Mastermind simply made her forget she could, so he could manipulate her more easily.
    • In the original version, it was caused by a benign version of Damon-Hall Symdrome.