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Emmylou Brown was the daughter of Farmer Brown, and his henchwoman in his experiments.


Emmylou's father, Farmer Brown had successfully created large mutated animals, thinking that they would help reduce their growing demand for food. But when he was ordered by a judge to stop doing so, he became enraged as he had spent a lot of money to make them.

He released large mutated mantises on Gotham City, demanding a ransom or he'd unleash many more beasts. Commissioner Gordonmade the arrangements to deposit the fake cash, but sent Harvey Bullock with it to uncover the Brown's base of operations. Emmylou discovered him, and inside the base, threw him in a pen holding a monstrous swine.

Fortunately for Bullock, Batgirl and Robin tailed the money transport and incapacitated the boar with several tranquilizer darts. Alerted by the sudden commotion, Emmylou came to investigate, only to find Batgirl standing over the windmill and trying to drop kick her from above. However, Emmylou's steroidal diet proved too much for Batgirl, who was easily defeated and knocked out with a well-placed single punch from Emmylou.

Emmylou later disposed of Batgirl by locking her and the rest of Batman's team in a missile.

As the missile rocketed towards Gotham, Emmylou and her father made their getaway by boat. The premature explosion of the missile scuttled the boat. Emmylou and her father were then arrested.

Powers and abilities 

Emmylou was administered beef steroids that granted her super strength, which allowed her to restrain Harvey Bullock and even take on Batgirl. She was able to withstand a kick from Batgirl, after the latter swung down on her from a high place, with little discomfort and quickly rendered the super-heroine unconscious with a haymaker.


The New Batman Adventures

  • "Critters"