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An enemy of the Flash. He has all of Flashs Powers and technology from the 25th Century. According to Thomas Wayne(Batman) he hates the Flash so much that his psychosis will allow him to kill everyone on the planet just to kill the Flash.  


TV Tropes

  • Doubles as a Freeze-Frame Bonus - if you look really closely in the scene when Zoom makes his appearance, running by the Rogues, you can see his tiny bombs appearing on Captain Cold and Heatwave exactly at the time he ran past them. He is actually facing the Rogues to plant the bombs rather than facing the Flash.
  • Butterfly of Doom: Professor Zoom did something to history to get the world to turn out how it did. Flash's objective is to find out what and Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Except not really: Zoom tells Flash that Flash himself was the one who messed up history, just by saving his mother.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Even if you have no foreknowledge of the cast, from the very instant he appears, you know Professor Zoom's a bad guy, what with his costume inverting Flash's colors and his black-and-red eyes.