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Eragon Bromsson (named Shadeslayer after killing Durza) was the main protagonist in the Inheritance Cycle. He was the son of Brom and Selena. After the Dragon Saphira hatched for him, Eragon became the first Dragon Rider to be born in a hundred years and was subsequently trained by Brom and later Oromis. After becoming an accomplished swordsman and magician in a relatively short time, the young Rider found himself championing the cause of the Varden, inheriting both the duties of the Dragon Riders' and his father's place as Galbatorix's foremost enemy.

Eragon was also the frequent traveling companion of the Elven princess Arya, the Dwarf Orik, the Lady Nasuada, as well as being the half-brother of the Dragon Rider Murtagh Morzanssonand the cousin of the great warrior Roran Stronghammer. He was also named an Elf-friend and as a full member of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, effectively binding him to more races than any other Rider in history.

After many bloody battles and much heartache, the Varden and their allies finally attacked Galbatorix at Urû'baen and Eragon fought his greatest enemy once and for all. After defeating Murtagh in single combat, having Murtagh betray the dark kingdirectly afterwards, Eragon fought Galbatorix head on and overpowered the ancient enemy of his order by casting an Empathy Spell on him. Feeling all the pain, suffering, and misery he had caused over the last hundred years, Galbatorix was driven to commit suicide, destroying a part of his palace and nearly killing Eragon and his companions in the process.

Afterward, Eragon became the new head of the dragon riders and started to rebuild and lead the order with Saphira.