Ethan (Japanese: フォード Ford) is a character of the day in the anime who appeared in the episode Get Along, Little Pokémon. Ethan lives on Mandarin Island South. He owns several Magnemite, which are used to supply power to local towns when they have power failures. He also has a Jolteon, which helps to round them up. All of the Magnemite were loyal to him, except for one nicknamed Number 6, which he referred to as his "black sheep." While battling with Team Rocket, both Ethan and his Jolteon were injured. At the same time, a local town suffered a power failure, and the Pokémon Center needed power to help the sick Pokémon. Ash volunteered to take the Magnemite to the town to restore the power. On his way there, he encountered Team Rocket again, who were making themselves covered in static electricity to attract the Magnemite to them. Seeing its friends were in danger, Number 6 came to their rescue, and in the process, evolved into Magneton. After sending Team Rocket blasting off, Ash was able to reach the town safely and restore power.

  1. Number 6
  2. Magnemite 
  3. Tauros (×2)
  4. Jolteon
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