Evil Genie is a minor antagonist in the TV series, Aladdin. He only appears in "When Chaos Comes Calling".

Role in the series

While battling his evil doppelganger, Aladdin notices he posses his own lamp which the Evil Aladdin summons an Evil Genie, which starts to rampage through Agrabah. Genie turns into Godzilla and fights his evil counterpart. As the fight progresses, Chaos casually remarks "Mirage was right; I should have visited sooner."

Jasmine then believes Mirage sent Chaos to Agrabah, but he denies the very idea of anyone sending him anywhere. Then, Aladdin and Iago call Mirage the boring one "evil thoughts, evil plans, every day the same thing!"

As Genie is knocked out by his evil counterpart, Mirage appears, which Chaos takes as "volunteering" to join in on the excitement and Evil Genie grabs her. Mirage tells Aladdin to use the lamp, which he understands that Mirage means the Evil Genie's lamp. Picking it up, he wishes for Evil Genie to release Mirage, restore Agrabah, and his freedom.

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