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Jorgen Von Strangle temporarily turns into an "obligatory action movie villain" when Timmy wished for his life to be filled with action in Action Packed.


Although normally Jorgen von Strangle usually terrorizes Timmy or his godparents because they did something foolish, in the episode "Action Packed" Jorgen turns into a villain who wants to use a machine to suck the magic energy out of the other fairies and transfer it to him, making him even more powerful and gigantically muscle-bound. Instead of his usual army camouflage outfit, Jorgen is wearing a white suit and a monocle over his eye.


Evil Jorgen keeps a pink colored cat called Mr. Tulip Toes, who he loves at first, but he soon starts to love his magic-draining machine more and throws his cat in the trash can. Eventually Mr. Tulip Toes turns on Evil Jorgen, jumping onto his face and scratching him. At this point, Jorgen's muscles have become so incredibly enormous and bulky that he cannot physically reach his own face to get the cat off him. Although Jorgen is already obsessed with his muscles and appearance, As Evil Jorgen, he seems even more obsessed with his muscles and appearance, putting them over the very lives of others. Even though he is already the toughest fairy in the universe, he craves even more power, even if it means destroying other fairies in the process.


Evil Jorgen was defeated when his cat Mr. Tulip Toes turned on him, constantly scratched him furiously in his face. Because Evil Jorgen's body was already super buffed, his giant muscular arms could not reach his face to get Mr. Tulip Toes off in time. While he was distracted, Timmy put his machine extracting machine in reverse. This revived Cosmo and Wanda, who had been aged to dust by the machine, as well as a few other fairies from across the world that Jorgen had kidnapped. This process also sucks out Jorgen's power and muscles, leaving him a really skinny and frail version of himself. Timmy then easily beats up Jorgen, and then wished everything back to normal.


  • Evil Jorgen's costume is similar to Kingpin from the Marvel comicbook superhero, Daredevil.
  • Evil Jorgen is based on various cliched villain tropes seen in action movies. Including the monocle, fancy formal suit, pet cat and impractical grandiose scheme to seize power.