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Captain Faro Argyus was a senate commando during the Clone Wars who worked on board the Tranquility as a guard for Viceroy Nute Gunray.


Argyus and several other commandos worked with Jedi Luminara Unduli and Ahsoka Tano trying to get Nute Gunray back to the Republic to trial him and put him in prison. During the flight, the Tranquility was ambushed by Separatists lead by Asajj Ventress who were trying to rescue Gunray. In their attempt to do so, they killed many clones and commandos, but lost all of their forces except for Ventress. Argyus gets Ahsoka to go help Luminara defend against Dooku's agent only so he could betray the the Republic in an attempt to free Gunray. He killed the rest of the commandos and distracted Gree long enough for Gunray to knock the clone commander unconscious, allowing the two to flee to the escape ship. Ventress meets up with the two and stabs Argyus through the back so she could take credit for the jail break. Argyus died instantly, bringing an end to the treasonous Senate Captain.

Personality and traits

Faro Argyus was cunning and sneaky, able to hide his true intentions of betraying the Republic from not only the other commandos and Commander Gree, but from two Jedi as well. He also believed that good soldiers did what they believed to be right, not just to follow orders.