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Shiro was a priest of the Monastery of the Southern Cross and the Paladin of the Order of the True Cross (the title is replaced by the most powerful exorcist), mentor and father Shura Kirigakure replacement for Rin And Yukio Okumura. He qualified as a Meister Aria, Dragoon, Knight, and Doctor, and the pet cat named Kuro. Shiro was a man of very compulsory, recognized as one of the most powerful exorcists. Kurikara stolen (or Koumaken), a sword to annihilate the demons Cursed Temple in Kyoto. Shiro and Mephisto finally used the sword to seal the demonic forces Rin. After the death of Yuri Aegina, the mother of twins, took them to him, both Yukio, who is fully human, and Rin, who is heir to the power of Satan. Shiro was considered the only man able to experience visitation of Satan. Reverend kept Satan out of your body only through an extremely powerful force of will, which, however, was upset by the words of disgruntled Rin, who accused Shiro that this really was his father, and that for all these years he cheated. Then Satan entered the body of Shiro and opened the gates of hell to take Rin to the world of demons. In the final act of desperation, to prevent the kidnapping Rin by Satan, Shiro committed suicide.
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  • He was the one who taught Rin how to tie a neck tie.
  • His pastimes and talents are: collecting adult books, taking care of his glasses, and falling asleep anywhere and anytime.
  • His average hours of sleep per night is 6 hours.
  • He likes hot girls with large breasts.
  • His favorite manga genres are: Romance, emotional drama and social drama
  • His favorite food is Oden, especially the Japanese Radish (Daikon).
  • He hasn't smoked for 15 years.
  • He is known and seen to use a shotgun as his weapon.
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