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Lashina, Stompa and Mad Harriet appeared in the Superman: The Animated Series episode Little Girl Lost Pt. 2 with Lashina voiced by Diane Michelle, Stompa voiced by Diane Delano, and Mad Harriet voiced by Andrea Martin. In an attempt to prove herself to Superman by challenging Intergang with the help of Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl unwittingly stumbles upon Granny Goodness' connections with Apokolips. After trashing Intergang, Kara so inspires the wrath of Granny Goodness that the latter summons the Furies to personally annihilate Supergirl. In part 2, the Female Furies defeat Supergirl and then Superman, who attempts to save her. Bringing Superman to Apokolips for Darkseid, the Furies again battle Supergirl, in which they are eventually defeated one-by-one. They also appeared in the series finale Legacy where at least Lashina had a relationship with Superman when he was brainwashed by Darkseid. Notably when Superman returned to Apokolips to exact revenge against Darkseid and Granny Goodness, he merely asked Lashina to get out of his way. The Female Furies preferred to fight Superman, but he defeated them by crashing into a fiery pillar.

  • The Furies appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Alive." With Bernadeth seen as a member, the Female Furies serve Granny Goodness in her power struggle against Virman Vundabar and his lieutenants Kanto and Mantis. Shortly afterwards, a resurrected Darkseid (following his death at the end of the Justice League episode Twilight) returns and puts an end to the war.
  • Stompa and Lashina appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Duel of The Double Crossers" with Lashina voiced by Nika Futterman while Stompa has no dialogue. They appear as combatants on Warworld, under the command of Mongal as her "Furies".
  • The Female Furies appeared in the tenth and final season of Smallville in episode "Abandoned" with Mad Harriet portrayed by Lindsay Hartley. The Female Furies who are presumably led by the commanding officer, Harriet that answers to Granny Goodness, who is one of the Unholy Trinity of Darkseid's Prophets-Minions; the other two are Club Owner Desaad and Gordon Godfrey. Granny Goodness created the Female Furies out of young girls who came to her orphanage and were wiped clean of their memories and turned into warrior women who Granny Goodness would use for the coming war of Light and Darkness. In season 10 episode 8 "Abandoned" Granny Goodness mentioned to Tess Mercer when she came to her orphanage that these girls were abandoned souls before she "adopted" them and she is sure that they will never leave her. Later in "Abandoned", when Clark investigated Granny's orphanage he found several women fighting and as he approached them he started to weaken and found they were forging Green Kryptonite weapons and the women warriors easily subdue Clark and chain him near to a Green Kryptonite fire forge. Clark tells them he's there to save them, but Harriet says no one needs saving as much as Clark does. Clark tries to convince Harriet to let her and her sisters escape and find real homes, but Harriet says that Granny loves them more than the people do, to which Clark says that Granny is controlling them and forcing them to leave their memories behind; something a true lover wouldn't do. Harriet responds that Granny Goodness is their family and they don't know her the way the Furies do and that she will prepare them and make them stronger. Granny then arrives and tells Harriet and the Furies to stop torturing Clark and commands Harriet to take her sisters away to their rooms. After Clark avoided having his memories wiped completely by freezing a Kryptonite chain above a forge of Green Meteor rocks, Clark super-speeds to save Tess from Harriet and another Fury warrior. Clark and Tess defeat Harriet and the Fury and escape from Granny's orphanage.
  • Big Barda, Stompa, Mad Harriet, Artemiz, and Speed Queen appear in the DC Super Hero Girls TV special titled "Super Hero High" with Big Barda and Mad Harriet voiced by Misty Lee, Stompa voiced by April Stewart, Artemiz voiced by Teala Dunn, and Speed Queen voiced by Mae Whitman.
  • The Female Furies appear in Justice League Action. In the episode "It'll Take a Miracle," Bernadeth and Lashina accompany Granny Goodness into competing against Batman to reclaim the Anti-Life Equation from Mister Miracle when Darkseid threatens Big Barda's life.
  • Big Barda, Lashina, and Gilotina appear in the Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Influence," but have no dialogue.
  • The Female Furies appear in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. The Furies that appear in the movie include Gilotina (voiced by Salli Saffioti), Mad Harriet (voiced by Salli Saffioti), Lashina (voiced by Tara Strong), and Stompa (voiced by Andrea Romano) and are still mentioned to have been trained by Granny Goodness. Barda also appears, but as having already escaped from Darkseid. There is also a woman named Treasure (loosely based off Precious who was a failed potential recruit to the Furies with the character voiced by April Winchell) is featured briefly. Granny trains Treasure as Big Barda's replacement, but she was swiftly killed by the Female Furies during a test. After being displeased with Treasure's death, Darkseid brainwashes Kara so she will become the captain of the Female Furies.
  • The Female Furies appear in DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games. Their membership consists of Lashina (voiced by Jessica DiCicco), Stompa (voiced again by April Stewart), Mad Harriet (voiced again by Misty Lee), Artemiz (voiced again by Teala Dunn), and Speed Queen (voiced again by Mae Whitman), with Granny Goodness leading the group.
  • Lashina, Mad Harriet, and Artemiz appear in Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain with Lashina voiced by Meredith Salenger, Mad Harriet voiced by Jennifer Hale, and Artemiz voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.
  • The Furies are featured in the DC Animated Movie Universe.
    • Knockout, featured in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, is depicted as a former Female Fury who escaped from Apokolips for an unknown time ago.
    • In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, the Furies are depicted as former heroes and brainwashed cyborgs under Darkseid's control before being freed.
  • Ava DuVernay revealed that the Female Furies will appear in New Gods.