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Izumi was born a princess of the Fire Nation to Fire Lord Zuko following the Hundred Year War. At some point during her life, Izumi had a son, who she named Iroh after her granduncle, and a daughter. As Crown Princess of the Fire Nation, Izumi ascended to the throne as Fire Lord following Lord Zuko's abdication in 167 AG.

Following the anarchy in the Earth Kingdom in 171 AG, Izumi and the other world leaders tasked Kuvira with restoring order to the chaos-ravaged nation, granting her the position of interim president until the Earth Kingdom was stabilized enough for Prince Wu's return and restoration to the Earth Kingdom throne.

Three years later, Izumi traveled to Republic City in her official capacity as Fire Lord to attend Prince Wu's coronation as the fifty-fourth Earth King. There, she witnessed Kuvira denounce Wu's authority and dissolve the Earth Kingdom in favor of the Earth Empire under her own rule. Izumi and the other world leaders convened after the coronation and agreed to send Suyin Bei Fong as their representative to speak with Kuvira and convince the metalbender to step down.

Weeks after Korra failed to stop Kuvira from taking Zaofu, Izumi attended a meeting of the world leaders, sans the Water Tribes' representatives, at City Hall. She was unimpressed with Wu's suggestion to attack Kuvira with an army of "highly trained badgermoles" and her glare toned the eccentric ideas of the Earth Kingdom royal down. Before they could continue, their meeting was interrupted by Korra and Opal and later by Bolin and Varrick, who all alerted them of Kuvira's plan to manufacture a spirit vine-powered super weapon.

When President Raiko suggested a preemptive strike to halt due to the possible threat, Izumi firmly stated that her army would not support such an aggressive and unprovoked action. As the president tried to reason with her, pointing out that Kuvira was a threat to the world and needed to be stopped, she explained that her nation had already spent too much of its history fighting meaningless wars and she refused to put her nation through another one unless there was no other choice. When Raiko relented and revised his offensive plan to one of defense in which he would fortify the borders, Izumi readily offered the Fire Nation's help.