Flamel (Japanese: フラメル Flamel) is a character in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. She is Chymia's personal assistant.

When Volcanion arrives at the Azoth Kingdom, Flamel deduces from witness reports that the Pokémon that had appeared was a Volcanion and informs this news to Chymia. She is later seen walking along with Chymia before Chymia questions Rali about what he is up to.

Later, after Alva captures Magearna, Flamel contacts Chymia and informs her that she had found some diagrams by Nikola in Rali's room which had never been seen before. She explains that Alva intends to use the Soul-Heart to activate the hidden mechanisms within the castle, which allows part of the castle wall to convert into a flying fortress.

At the end of the movie, Bonnie is seen proposing to Flamel on Clemont's behalf.

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