Flora is the eldest daughter of The Scotsman. She joins her father in the battle against Aku. Like her father and mother, she and her sisters are all muscular and bulky.


  • She and her sisters parallel the Daughters of Aku. While they were born to be strong warriors of a clan/cult, the Daughter of Aku aren't related to the person they're entitled to, have no care towards the lives of themselves and others except Aku, are raised with torture, neglect, and pain, and obey their mother out of fear and manipulation. Flora and her sisters are related to their father, the Scotsman, totally care about other people's life, are (presumably) raised with love, care, and affection, and obey their father out of respect, despite some hints of being unwilling to obey some orders.
  • Flora's outfit is quite similar to heroines of the warrior princess genre such as Wonder Woman and Xena.


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