Star Wars Rebels Ezra Uses a Force Dominate on an Imperial Walker HD

Also known as dominate mind or control mindmind control was the dark-side equivalent of the Jedi mind trick, though mind control was much more invasive. It took complete control of the mind(s) of the victim(s) affected by the power. Higher levels of mastery allowed more people to be controlled, though its effect on members of certain species with an innate immunity to mind tricks (such as Hutts or Toydarians) is unconfirmed. Darth Maul utilized this power prior to the Trade Federation attack on Theed. Galen Marek's clone, Starkiller, employed this power to confuse his enemies and cause them to fight for him. Other possible practitioners of this ability included Joruus C'baoth, Luke Skywalker, Luuke Skywalker (the clone of Luke created at the direction of C'baoth), and Kreia. Skifull users could manipulate the thoughts and actions of their targets, as well as their memories, emotions and senses.

The Force-sensitive Yuuzhan Vong Onimi evidently used mind control on Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane during their reign over the species, but towards the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Onimi lost control of Shimrra. He later attributed this, as he claims to Jaina Solo, to his "preoccupation with defeating you [Jaina] allowed what remained of Shimrra to reemerge"; this is implied that he was somehow distracted in his greater battle with Yun'o, which caused this loss of control over Shimrra.

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