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This Toad Oil has the property of attracting Nature Energy. It helps with Training. Where ever ya rub this Oil on your Body Nature Energy can enter through there. Then Gradually you'll gain the ability to sense Nature Energy. It is a tool to help you grasp the Concept. Although you'll eventually be able to do without it. Using it is not without risks.

Good now try lifting here Stone Frog Again.

Unlike Ninjutsu Chakra where ya progressively tire because you're just using up your internal Energy. With Sage Jutsu Chakra your continuously taking in Nature Energy from the outside and you not only don't get tired you'll recover and heal quicker too.

Well with the Nine-Tails Chakra in the mix too he's shown a truly outlandish recovery rate.

If you only take in a little too much it's reversible. But get beyond a certain amount and you'll never revert back to Human Again. What I meant about you having to die is that you might stop being Human. And once you turn into a Frog, then you progress further toward permanently becoming one with Nature. These Stone Statues are all acolytes who've failed.


  1. Master Jiraiya
  2. Naruto Uzumaki
  3. Nine-Tailed Demon Fox