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Nightwing is a superhero in Teen Titans Go!, who is the future Dick Grayson when he outgrows his identity as Robin. Scott Menville still voices him, although in a slightly lower tone.


Nightwing first appeared in "Staring at the Future" as an older Robin in an alternate timeline. He is more mature and calm, unlike his younger self. He married Batgirl and has three kids with her. He and his family live in the Titans Tower on account of the other Titans moving out. Even though Cyborg and Beast Boy thought this future was horrible, Nightwing was actually very happy with his life and loves his family very much.

He appears for the first time in the Season 2 episode "Sandwich Thief". However, because of some fluctuation in the past, in this future he lives alone in a one bedroom apartment. There, he is confronted by his past self, demanding to know what happened to Robin's sandwich in the current timeline. Nightwing told his younger self that he had nothing to do with it, and that he needs to "let it go".

Physical Appearance

Nightwing wears a black and blue suit with a light blue bird on the chest of his suit, light blue pads on his gloves, and a black and white mask similar to the mask of his past self. He has black hair in the form of a mullet. On his suit also features a baby carrier for his kid.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • Staring at the Future (debut)

Season 2

  • Sandwich Thief

Season 3

  • Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice


  • Beast Boy and Cyborg still call him Robin though he is already named Nightwing is a resemblance to the original series episode, "How Long is Forever?" when Starfire travels in time and finds Robin as Nightwing.
  • Nightwing in both Teen Titans Go! and the original series bares a notable resemblance to Aqualad.
  • The primary differences of differentiating him from Robin, is his uniform, mullet, and his slightly lower, grittier voice. He also seems much calmer compared to Robin.
  • In the future depicted in "Staring at the Future" Nightwing is married to Batgirl and has kids. However in "Sandwich Thief" he lives alone.
  • Nightwing's design in this series is very similar to his design from The New Batman Adventures.
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