It is also worth noting that in an alternate future visited by Donatello, Ch'rell had taken over the world, ruling Earth with an iron fist and poised to take over other planets. In this version, Splinter and Casey Jones were already killed in battle,Michelangelo had lost an arm, and Raphael an eye. Hun had Baxter Stockman's brain sewn into his right shoulder and was in a wheelchair, and was now working with the Turtles. In a final battle with Shredder, the alternate versions of Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Hun, Stockman, and Karai died, Donatello faced off the against Shredder himself, but the Shredder's massive exo-suit was too powerful for him to defeat head on, but Don managed to kill the Shredder by shoving the Turtle Tunneler into his face. This left April O'Neil as the only surviving member of the main cast, though Donatello going back to the past would prevent this future from ever occurring.
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