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Fuwa (フワ Fuwa) is the Supreme Kai from Universe 6.


Fuwa is present for the Tournament of Destroyers. While speaking with his attendant, he is approached by Goku, whom he is pleased to meet, but the Fuwa and his attendant are surprised a mortal would act so casually towards Gods. He then asks Old Kai if he knows of him and he says it's a long story. During the tournament, he sat with his attendant, Shin, Old Kai, Kibito, and the Universe Anthem Singer. He watches the first match between his Universes Botamo and Universe 7's Goku. Later, Botamo loses to Goku by getting thrown out the ring because Goku could not deal damage to him. The next challenger for Goku is Frost. While Frost and Goku are fighting, the Universe 6 Supreme Kai thinks Frost has the upper hand but Old Kai isn't too sure if he does.