Galactic Donut (ギャラクティカドーナツ) is a powerful gripping technique used by Gotenks in his Super Saiyan form.


Gotenks executes this attack by raising his index finger into the air and circling it above his head to create a yellow ring of energy, whose appearance is very similar to the Destructo Disc. Once created, he transports the circular energy ring over his opponent, then lowers and homes it on them. This results in the opponent being gripped and trapped within the circular attack.

Gotenks attempts to encircle Super Buu in this attack and slice him in half, but Super Buu manages to break free of the Galactic Donut, much to Gotenks' surprise. Gotenks later uses several Galactic Donuts as part of his Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball Technique. Super Buu (w/ Gotenks absorbed) uses the technique during his battle against Ultimate Gohan, the latter of which manages to break free.


  • Super Donut Volley - A rapid fire variation where the user fires a volley up to 8 Galactic Donuts in quick succession that explode on contact. One of Gotenks Super Skills in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.[2]
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