Galactimus, Eater of Planets is a super villain that Timmy Turner wished himself into in the episode "Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad".

== Timmy Turner wished himself into an unstoppable villain after he had wished his own parents into superheroes. Since his parents were neglecting him to fight crime, and Timmy couldn't unwish their super abilities since they were too powerful, so he was forced to become a villain in an attempt to make them give up their powers.==



Galactimus is a gigantic towering version of Timmy that is wearing a purple powered armor suit. He is impervious to every attack that Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad throw at him. He is able to use his eyes as lasers.


Galactimus is the villain form Timmy takes when he wishes himself into a super villain in an attempt to stop his parents, wished into superheroes Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, from fighting crime all over the city while he was getting tormented by Vicky the Babysitter. Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad futilely attempt to defeat Galactimus, but he is resistant to all of their special powers. Still, neither of his parents will give up, so Timmy uses a Timmy Turner doll and has Cosmo and Wanda, disguised as parodies of the Silver Surfer, threaten the doll in front of Timmy's parents until they willingly give up their powers, allowing Timmy to unwish the wish and get everything back to normal for the moment.


Galactimus is pretty much indestructible, and shrugs off any of the attacks that Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad throw at him. He simply eats the hot dogs created by Dyno Dad's meat vision, and blasts through Mighty Mom's spider snot with his eye lasers like they were nothing.


  • Galactimus, Eater of Planets is a parody of the Marvel Comics
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