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You must do what is right... in your heart.

―Galfore to Starfire

Galfore is a Tamaranean and the former k'norfka (adoptive father, legal guardian, and caretaker) of Starfire during her childhood days. He is currently the Grand Ruler of Tamaran, as Starfire had soon abdicated the crown to him because she both desired to stay with her friends on Earth and because she believed he would be the leader Tamaran needed.

Character History

Galfore was Starfire's legal guardian and fatherly protector in her childhood years, a fatherly relationship which created a strong bond between the two. When Starfire returned to her planet for a marriage prearranged by her sister Blackfire, Galfore was the only one to openly express his doubts about the whole affair and despised Glgrdsklechhh, the prospective groom. He was also quick to notice that Starfire was not at all happy with the arrangement because she had clearly given her heart to someone else.

When the wedding, and the Drenthax invasion which initiated it, turned out to be a hoax orchestrated by Blackfire, Starfire challenged her for the crown. Robin wanted to help Starfire but Galfore stopped him, knowing that Robin wanted to help her, and told him she has to do it alone and Starfire defeated her. However, after setting the most important affairs in order, she decided to abdicate because of her affection for her friends (Robin in particular) and left for Earth. But before she departed, she made Galfore the Grand Ruler of Tamaran in her stead, a position which he accepted for the good of his people and adopted daughter and he knew she would be feel safe on Earth with her friends and he knew she and Robin would happy together.

In "Wildfire", he briefly appeared on a transmission screen to warn Robin that Starfire's younger brother was not who he appeared to be; hinting that Blackfire was indeed involved in the deception.

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