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Gamariki (ガマ力, Gamariki) is a toad from Mount Myōboku.


After setting off to train with Jiraiya, Naruto was first trained to recognise and disperse genjutsu. In order to do this, Jiraiya summoned Gamariki who used his Genjutsu Kiss on him, sending him into a world of illusions. In attempting to release the genjutsu, Naruto unintentionally ended up releasing chakra much in the same manner as his Rasengan, knocking Gamariki into a canal and knocking him out. It was revealed that this was the reason the two dislike each other.


Gamariki is predominantly very flamboyant in his actions, often making extensive use of bodily gestures to bring his feelings across. In the Japanese version, he also has a tendency to refer to persons with the suffix "-chan" (ちゃん) in a manner that would be deemed cute. On the other hand when he became serious his voice that was normally high-pitched would take on a deep, serious tone which is assumed to be his normal voice. Despite this very flamboyant nature, he could be very serious when situations called for it.


Gamariki is light green in colour with purple eyes and yellow patterns all over his body and wears a large red violet bow on his back and make-up which includes red lipstick, pink blush on his cheeks and eye-liner. All this gives him an effeminate appearance, making him the toad equivalent to a drag queen. Curiously, he more closely resembles a frog rather than a toad.


Gamariki is quite the capable toad, being able to restrict or knockout an opponent with his Whip of Love. He can utilise the Water Release nature transformation to use techniques such as the Water Release: Water Gun, which he could use in conjunction with his summoner to produce a more devastating attack. He has also shown to be proficient in genjutsu, being able to catch targets with them by kissing them, and sending them into a world of hallucinations.

Part II 

Three-Tails' Appearance 

After Naruto got discharged from the hospital, Jiraiya offered to train him again and they set off on a journey. Jiraiya wanted him to train in collaboration techniques, and therefore summoned Gamariki. Gamariki and Jiraiya then proceed to show Naruto what a collaborative technique is, and Gamariki and Naruto begin a synchronisation exercise. After failing to get along with Gamariki and work on collaboration techniques, Naruto decided to summon Gamakichi and Gamatatsu to work on his synchronisation instead, knowing that he has worked well with them in the past. Naruto and Gamariki mutually dislike each other.


  • Gamariki shows apparent affection for Jiraiya, calling him "Jira-chan" (ジラちゃん). Jiraiya and Naruto tend to call him "Gamariki-san" (ガマ力さん). In the English version, he calls Jiraiya "Jiraiya-Honey".