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Gansley, known in Japan as Konosuke Oshita is the leader, founder and eldest member of The Big Five. He is a villain in Yu-Gi-Oh! and due to his age, the only bald villain in the Virtual World arc.


He is the former Vice President of business strategy at KaibaCorp and a villain in Yu-Gi-Oh!. He was defeated by Yami Yugi and was 1 of 6/7 Virtual World villains to never win a Duel alongside Adrian Randolph Crump III, Johnson, Leichter, Noah Kaiba and Gozaburo Kaiba. Only Gansley's colleague Nezbitt defeated an opponent as Noah before he could win with the effect of Last Turn, had Yami Yugi take over the Duel to prove Noah wasn't legitimately victorious over Seto Kaiba. He was killed alongside his fellow Virtual World villains when the Virtual World was destroyed. During his lifetime, he worked for numerous people, from Gozaburo, to Kaiba, to Maximillion Pegasus J. Crawford and Noah, the latter of whom, imprisoned Gansley and his colleagues for frequent failures and rule violations.