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Gari was a member of the Iwagakure Blast Corps, which was manned by members of the Bakuton using clan which also included Deidara. At some point in the past, Gari died.


After Kabuto joined forces with Akatsuki, he resurrected many dead ninja to fight at their side using Edo Tensei. This included ninja with unique Kekkei Genkai. Gari was placed on a team with Shakuton user Pakura, Ice Style user Haku and Momochi Zabuza. This squad was dispatched and met the Third Division of the Joint Shinobi Army in battle. Gari utilized his Bakuon powers to explode several Allied ninja. Seeking to bolster his numbers, Kabuto directed Pakura and Gari to summon the resurrected members of the previous generation of the Mist Seven Swordsmen.


Explosion Style: Exploding Palm: The user creates a small explosion in their palm. If properly timed and angled, it can be used to send thrown kunai back at the enemy. Gari has also used this to cut the length of binding cloth that Maki used to restrain Pakura.