General Griffen is the leader of the Earth Protection Force, and the primary antagonist of the 2012 animation series episode Tokka vs The World.


As the head of the Earth Protection Force, Griffin is responsible for the unconditional defense of the Earth against alien attacks. He once concluded a coalition with Bishop, a representative of the Utroms, to strengthen the Earth's defense, but was stubborn and uncompromising in his actions against all strangers, including mutants. General Griffen first appeared being debriefed about the upcoming arrival of Tokka. He was shown to be at odds with Bishop, as he wouldn't allow Utrom weaponry to be used on the beast.

He fought a conflict with Bishop and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, when the space monster Tokka came to the earth to find her Baby. After the turtles tried to return Chompy to Tokka when she arrived, he ordered the EPF to immediately attack her, as well as tried to dissect Mikey. Although Bishop had strongly advocated him against such an action. Bishop tried to fight him, however Griffen's skills were on par with Bishop's, only to be stopped by Casey's stun glove. As a result of Griffin's aggressiveness, the contract between the EPF and the Utroms was terminated.

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