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He cant stand the idea of being manipulated by another Jutsu user. According to him the Hidden Mists Secrecy is to blame for this. You tried to stop Mu first. You always have to stop the strongest opponent first thats what winning a battle is all about.


  1. Combined Summoning Technique
  2. Mirage Genjutsu
  3. Steaming Danger Tyranny Boy
  4. Summoning Jutsu: A Giant Clam
  5. Water Balloon Jutsu
  6. Water Clone Jutsu
  7. Water Gun Jutsu
  8. Water Transformation Jutsu

Super Powers

I use Shadow Style in other words that means Genjutsu. And my Summoning is a Giant Clam. This Giant Clam can cast a Genjutsu over a very wide area. It makes you see illusions. Physical Attacks wont work. Im talking about a Mirage. Attacking the me you see before you is completely pointless. First you need to defeat my Giant Clam. Its the one that has been creating the Mirage all along. Its shell is hard. Use large Scale Weapons or Paper Bombs. According to Onoki ordinary combat methods wont work against him. I have no control over my body its casting Jutsu all on its own.

Water Balloon Jutsu: This is more like Oil then Water. Even if I use Sand as a Defense it'll just seep in and collapse it.