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Genji (元師, Genji) is an Elder of Kirigakure.


Genji spent much of his lifetime contributing to Kirigakure development. He holds as much importance within the village as its Mizukage and his advice is sought for when it comes to the villages most important matters, essentially making him the law of Kirigakure.

In the anime, when Tsunade sent an invitation for Kirigakure to join the Chūnin Exams co-hosted by Konohagakure and Sunagakure, Genji suggested for Kirigakure not to take part, taking Ao's advice to instead focus on the village's internal affairs.[2]


Genji is absolutely faithful to Kirigakure, having worked decades for its profit.[1]


Genji is a very elderly man with a bald head. He wears a brown kimono with a yellow scarf draped over his shoulders. He also carries a staff that is crafted to resemble a demon-like creature with red eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth.

Part II 

Five Kage Summit 

When Mei Terumī had to depart for the Kage Summit, Genji hands her the Mizukage headpiece. She vows to him to carry out her duties, to the best of her abilities as Mizukage to which he smiles and chuckles.


  • "Genji" (元師) literally means "original teacher".