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George Stacy is a Captain in the New York City Police Department, and the father of Gwen Stacy. Captain Stacy was one of the few cops to truly believe Spider Man was an actual hero, even though he operates outside of the law.

When the Chameleon tried to frame Spider-Man by committing crimes while disguised as him, Captain Stacy openly defended him, as he noticed that the robber was taller than the real Spider-Man. Captain Stacy later warned Spider-Man that as long as he wears a mask, people would fear him.

Captain Stacy later witnessed Spider-Man nearly beat Dr. Octopus to death under the influence of the alien symbiote. He later joined the Parker family with his daughter Gwen for Thanksgiving dinner, and was thankful that his daughter was saved by Spider-Man. Captain Stacy was later forced by Doctor Octopus under the Master Planner identity to steal secret codes from Homeland Security when the villain kidnaps Gwen.

Spider-Man then saved his Gwen, and later, Stacy joined Midtown High School as an instructor for a criminal justice class in order to get close to his daughter, but he really wanted to keep an eye on her.

Captain Stacy later witnessed Venom attack and attempt to out Spider-Mans identity but no one could prove Spider-Man was Peter Parker.

While everyone else agrees and moves on, Captain Stacy spoke to Peter privately about Spider-Man's need to keep his identity a secret. It was strongly hinted that he knew the truth and gave his approval in his own way.

Furthermore, as it was strongly hinted Captain Stacy knew Peter's identity, he often spoke in encrypted dialogue to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man that helped him in his endeavors to fight crime, and provided cover for Peter when slipping away from school activities to do his crime fighting.


  • George Stacy appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man voiced by Clancy Brown.