The Ghost of Maiden's Peak is a spirit which haunts Maiden's Peak. In the anime episode The Ghost of Maiden's Peak, Ash and his friends hear the legend about the beautiful maiden and her devotion to the man she loved. As the story goes, over 2000 years ago the young woman's lover was sent off to war, leaving her desperate for his return. While the days faded to years though, the maiden refused to give up hope and eventually had her body bonded to the peak upon which she stood. Nowadays the young woman's soul still yearns for her lost love, and the Ghost-type Pokémon Gastly keeps her story alive and vows to find the one she lost. Using the legend, she is notorious for stealing the hearts of young men like Brock and James, putting them in a trance-like state and stealing them away from this world. However, the maiden has no part in this, and it is actually the Gastly playing mischief with its hypnotic and shape-shifting abilities. The maiden herself and the Gastly taking her form can be told apart by coloration: the maiden has colors, while the Gastly is completely white. It should be noted, however, that in the beginning scene of the episode, when Brock sees the "maiden" (before being comically trampled over a gaggle of tourists), and (presumably), when James first sees the same maiden in the port (though, as it disappeared offscreen, it's unknown whether that was Gastly or the actual Maiden), Gastly's maiden disguise had the same coloration as the real Maiden.

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