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One hundred years ago, when Dahara City was still a small village, Hoopa Unbound appeared to the townspeople and granted them wishes in return for food. The townspeople wanted to see it in battle so they had Hoopa battle strong Pokémon. Hoopa eventually got carried away with fighting and started to summon Legendary Pokémon like RegigigasReshiram and Zekrom to test its strength. The cataclysmic battle that ensued between these immensely powerful Pokémon nearly destroyed Dahara City. Having forseen this event, Ghris had made the Prison Bottle on the site where Dahara Tower would later be built using the Splash, Flame and Earth Plates. In the midst of Hoopa's destructive battle, Ghris stepped forward and sealed Hoopa in thePrison Bottle.

Ghris then hid the Prison Bottle in a cave. With its evil power gone, Hoopa transformed into Hoopa Confined and went to live with Ghris in his hometown Arche Valley. Many years later, when his great-grandchildren Baraz and Meray were still young, Ghris still lived in Arche Valley as a very aged man, and regularly met up with his great-grandchildren and Hoopa.


While little of Ghris's personality is known, he is shown to have great courage, approaching Hoopa even in the midst of its violent rampage in order to trap it in the Prison Bottle. He is also stern towards Hoopa in the early years of its confinement, when it still misbehaved in attempts to regain its powers. However, much later in his life, he had become significantly more mellow, accepting Hoopa as a part of his family alongside his beloved great-grandchildren Meray and Baraz.