Gizmo is a boy genius who uses his intellect for evil and seeks to take over the world with his inventions. He is 3'2 and 55 pounds. Gizmo once raised an army of giant robots and flew to Titans Tower. However, he found a naked Robin and decided to belay his plans for world domination then abruptly left. Gizmo is also the leader of the H.I.V.E. supervillain team. Gizmo participated in a H.I.V.E. plot to rob the Jump City Bank. However, he was blown out of sky by Cyborg with one missile. Gizmo later attempted to conquer Jump City once again with his robot army. This time, he was opposed by the Titan Robot, operated by the Teen Titans. Robin broke through the army with upgrades he added to the left leg. While the other Titans tried to stop Robin from overwhelming the robot, Gizmo attacked. Robin detached and drop kicked Gizmo's robot into submission.

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