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Gladion is a character and the second rival of the player appearing in Sun and Moon.


Gladion is a pale young boy with yellow hair and green eyes. He wears a grey hooded shirt with a red decoration on it, some black slashed sleeves, slashed black pants and red shoes with grey soles and black laces. He also has a red bag around his waist.


Gladion has a very serious and smart disposition.  He is shown to be very strong willed, as he constantly strives to make his Pokémon strong no matter what; he stays determined.  Gladion also is quite easily agitated, being bothered by the loudness of fellow Pokémon trainer Hau. Even though he looks to have a rough exterior it is revealed that he is actually quite caring and thinks of the well-being of Pokémon; specifically when he shows concern for kidnapped Pokémon, and he cares about his sister Lillie deeply as well.  Gladion often looks to be self-critical, as seen whenever he loses a battle.



Some years before Sun and Moon, Gladion escapes Aether Paradise with one of the three Type: Null. It was revealed that Lusamine became unbearable to Lillie.

Sun and Moon

Gladion joined Team Skull in pursuit of strength. However, he also opposed his mother and joined with Lillie to stop her plans.

Gladion is initially crude and hostile, but after the player character joins to defeat Lusamine, Gladion becomes more open and even is impressed by the player character's strategies and post-game decides to give them one of the two remaining Type: Null's.