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The Shadow Dragons return after they had been defeated years ago thanks to the Dragon Balls still existing and thus still possessing negative energy. They immediately turn into Omega Shenron who begins gathering minus energy, and warps time and space - mixing the past and the future together. Supreme Kai and Kibito (Kibito Kaihas split at some point after GT), calls Goku to the Sacred World of the Kai and explains this to him, knowing that all of his opponents will re-appear from the past, Goku is anxious to fight Frieza, and says he will recruit Gohan and Vegeta to help. Supreme Kai says that they should work to gather the Ultimate Dragon Balls to seal the minus energy inside them and Goku agrees.

West City

Chi-Chi does not want Goku to have Gohan get involved, as he has become a great scholar who supports his family, but Goku insists that this is for the fate of the galaxy, even so she does not want Gohan to help as there is no paycheck - but Gohan points out that if there is no galaxy, there will be no one left to pay them. Chi-Chi allows Gohan to go help, but only if Goku gets a job once this is over. Goku wants to test Gohan to see if he has slacked, but Gohan states that Pan has been training everyday, and so Gohan has as well. Goku defeats Gohan, who notes that he cannot match him, while Goku notes Gohan has gotten better.

In order to avoid being sensed by the villains, Goku suppresses his ki and uses the Nimbus to fly. Goku heads to Capsule Corp to pick up the Dragon Radar from Bulma. Goku explains the situation to Vegeta, who had noticed something was amiss. Vegeta wishes to fight Goku, and Goku defeats him in the match, with Goku and Vegeta noticing that each other have gotten stronger. Bulma is having trouble finding the Dragon Radar, so she suggests Goku go and meet Krillin and Yamcha in Parsley City. Goku meets them and explains the situation to them as well, Roshi is also present and notes that the peace has lasted longer than usual up until this point. He is happy with how his students turned out and tells them to spar, so they do. Goku suggest they all train at Kai's place but they all decline for different reasons.

Goku finds Vegeta and Trunks training, Trunks notes that he has not done any training since the search for the Black Dragon Balls but that he'll help. Trunks says he'll help protect Capsule Corp, but Vegeta notes that he is so weak that he wouldn't be able to beat Frieza (from the Battle of Namek) or Cell (from the Cell Games) and commands him to train harder. Super Saiyan Trunks trains a bit with Goku and defeats him with just one tenth of his base form's power, which is enough for Trunks to exclaim that Goku is on a whole other level. Vegeta commands Trunks to go and fight Frieza or Cell, but Trunks says it would be impossible for him to beat them.

Goku meets Roshi, who asks if Goku could gather the Dragon Balls in his spare time so Roshi can use them to wish for youth. Goku agrees to this. Gohan arrives, as Chi-Chi had told him to bring Goku his lunch. Roshi wishes to see Gohan's power and asks Goku to spar with him, Goku claims that if Gohan went all out Goku would not be able to beat him, while Gohan claims that he cannot catch up to Goku's power. Roshi notes they are both so modest despite their power. Goku and Gohan fight, with Goku and Gohan prove relatively even. Roshi is happy and believes that there will be peace, and Gohan decides to head home. Bulma calls Goku, telling him Trunks loaned Yajirobe the Dragon Radar. Goku heads to Yajirobe to get the radar and eventually convinces him to give it to him for the sake of the galaxy, Yajirobe also gives Goku a Dragon Ball he found with the radar.

Martial Arts Temple

Goku locates a Dragon Ball at the World Tournament Stage, the announcer notes that Goku left with Uub during the last tournament and asks if he will join this year's tournament, which is about to begin and is a special tag team event. The announcer reveals that the tournament's prize is the Dragon Ball Goku is looking for so Goku joins in. Goku meets Krillin, who is aiming for at least 5th place in the tournament for prize money, he is teamed with Tien - and they plan to use a double Solar Flare strategy to breeze through. Goku and Krillin have a spar to prep for the tournament. The first round is Team Goku vs. Team Piccolo and Jackie Chun. Piccolo has sensed the threat to the world and wishes to evaluate it, he was informed of the details by Shin. Goku wins the first round. The next round is Team Goku vs. Team Trunks and Yamcha, this Trunks in question is actually Future Trunks - who had come to see what was going on in the present world. Future Trunks had arrived looking for the evil kiand Yamcha had come to participate since he knew Krillin was, the two had met and Yamcha requested that Future Trunks tag team with him so they could enter. Goku defeats them and Future Trunks is amazed at how much stronger he is, Yamcha says that Goku should have gone easy on them, but Goku says he would have lost had he done so. Future Trunks says he will stick around in the present to help with the current threat. There is then a 30-minute break in the tournament.

During the break Goku meets Launch, who had followed Tien there. Goku tells her she should stop by the Kame House some time to meet Roshi. The tournament then continues and Team Goku faces off against Team Krillin and Tien. Goku wonders why Tien is not paired with Chiaotzu, who tells Goku he paired with someone else. Tien is surprised as he thought he would never see Goku again. Goku manages to defeat the duo.

The final round begins, with it being Team Goku vs. Team Gotenks and Chaiaotzu, Goku is confused as to why Gotenks is both fused and is a kid again, Gotenks explains that since Goten and Trunks had not fused in so long it somehow caused them to end up in child form when they fused. Goku wins, and notes that he thinks Gotenks ending up as a kid when they fused could have something to do with the minus energy, and Gotenks says he will ask Piccolo later, noting that it was fun to be a kid again. Goku is congratulated for winning and is given the Dragon Ball.

Land of Korin

Goku finds that there are two Dragon Balls at the Land of Korin and heads there, encountering Dr. Gero, who has 19 with him. General Blue appears, having collected Android 18 for Gero, Gero reveals that he made a new control device to take control of 18. Blue recognizes Goku and says he has become quite a young man. Gero initiates Plan B and Goku faces off against 18 and Blue and beats them. Gero cancels Plan B and reveals Super 17, who he has re-created again. Goku fights Super 17 when suddenly Android 8 shows up and reveals that he has destroyed the machines Gero used to control the other androids thus freeing 17 and 18 from his control. With the mind control undone, Super 17 rejects Hell Fighter 17 and turns back into ordinary 17. 17 and 18 tell Goku to leave this to them, as they will finish the Red Ribbon Army once and for all. During the battle he also fought machine versions of Raditz and Nappa too.

Goku then heads to obtain a spaceship to go to Namek, he asks Briefs to make him one and Briefs gets to work on it, the spaceship now advanced enough to get Goku to Namek in a single day. Goku heads off to get missing parts. Goku meets Vegeta while getting parts and the two have a quick spar. Goku collects all the parts and meets Trunks - who tells Goku that when reading Gero's notes he found the Machine Mutant Plan - which uses a machine that can use data to create virtual versions of past enemies. Goku reveals that he knew this, as he had just fought Gero. Trunks states that he has built the machine for use, Goku says to tell Vegeta, as Vegeta wanted a machine like that, and Goku tests it out for Trunks, fighting a copy of Kid Trunks. Trunks says the test went well and gave him a lot of data, he wishes he could get Supreme Kai's data and finds that he has Gohan's data from when he trained with Supreme Kai. He uses the machine to generate a virtual Ultimate Gohan, who fights Goku. Goku fights him and notes that the Gohan from back then is stronger than the modern day Gohan. Trunks heads off to improve the machine. Goku heads to Namek and is contacted by King Kai - who tells him that Goku should ask the elder about the Legendary Saiyan - and also that there are two Ultimate Dragon Balls on Namek. He tells Goku to be careful as Frieza and his forces have appeared on Namek. Goku says he will be easily able to beat Frieza now, but King Kai says that the minus energy has powered him and the other villains up. King Kai has Gotenks and Piccolo fight Goku to see if Goku is strong enough to fight Powered-up Frieza. After the battle King Kai is unsure if Goku could defeat Frieza, Goku meets Krillin and 18 - who is upset about Gero controlling her - King Kai requests they fight Goku too so they do. For a final test round, Goku has to fight against Gohan (who King Kai says is strong enough to force Goku to use full power) who combats his father using his Super Saiyan form. King Kai then gives Goku new clothes that are superior to his old ones. Gohan asks if he should come to Namek, but Goku tells him to stay and protect Earth. Gohan notes that he can feel the evil Majin Buu's presence faintly and decides to stay on his guard. Goku then heads to Namek.

Planet Namek

On Namek, Goku finds Dende is being attacked by Raditz - who states that he and the other soldiers of Frieza have killed all the Namekian warriors. Goku fights Raditz, defeats him and tells him to leave the planet immediately. Goku then encounters Nappa and defeats him, but Nappa says that Goku will never defeat Frieza. Goku tells Nappa to leave Namek as well and then heads off. Goku arrives at Guru's house and asks him about the Legendary Saiyan, Guru explains that the Legendary Saiyan is a form even more powerful than the Super Saiyan. Goku says that he was told it was powerful enough to seal the minus energy and asks what training he needs to do. Guru tells Goku that a Legendary Saiyan is a Saiyan god, and as far as he knows can only be temporarily created, he does not know if Goku can become one, but that several Saiyans are needed to create a legendary one. Guru then gives Goku the Ultimate Dragon Ball he possess.

Goku then encounters Frieza and his two aides, Frieza tells Goku that the Ginyu Force warned him that Goku had arrived. Goku asks why Frieza is attacking Namek again and Frieza states that it is so that he can use the Dragon Balls for immortality. Frieza then fights Goku, but Goku's power is off the charts and he defeats Frieza. Frieza, Dodoria and Zarbon retreat to the ship. Goku heads to the ship and encounters the Ginyu Force, they attack Goku together but are defeated. The Ginyu Force then leave the planet, with Ginyu saying he will leave the rest to Frieza. Raditz and Nappa re-appear and reveal they have used the medical machine to recover, gaining a power up from near death, they battle Goku again and are defeated. Nappa says that he and Raditz will heal in the machine again to power up and then go after Vegeta.

Goku heads after Frieza, who reveals that he was not serious in the last battle and was merely warming up. Goku utilizes his Super Saiyan forms and Frieza states that he will use his new Final Attack. Frieza is defeated, Vegeta then shows up, revealing he too is a Super Saiyan, Frieza decides to blow up Namek but is "killed" by Vegeta before he can.

Cell Games

Goku arrives back on Earth, but is immediately greeted by Mecha Frieza, who reveals that while he was damaged by Vegeta's attack it was not enough to kill him and he was repaired into Mecha Frieza once more. Ginyu also appears, having been attacked by Vegeta when leaving Namek, but managing to survive by escaping in Frieza's ship and using a medical chamber. Frieza orders Ginyu to attack Goku, having healed him and given him new strength. Frieza exclaims that he will take out the Super Saiyans. Cooler then arrives and asks Frieza why he has not beaten the Saiyan yet, Frieza and Cooler fight Goku in multiple rounds but are beaten and sent back to the afterlife.

Goku encounters Cell, who announces the 2nd Cell Games as a way of testing his new strength, with the prize being a Dragon Ball. Cell also reveals he is working with Android 16, who has been returned to his original mission of killing Goku. However 16 regains his sense during the fight and stops, 16 then heads to the forest to live in peace.

Cell heads to begin the 2nd Cell Games, and Goku encounters Babidi, who is collecting energy for Majin Buu. Babidi reveals that he has awoken Demon King Piccolo from within Piccolo's consciousness and orders him to attack Goku to gather the resulting energy from the fight. The two fight and Goku snaps Piccolo back in control of his body by mentioning Gohan. Piccolo believes he has not trained enough if Babidi can still brainwash him. Babidi leaves with the energy for Buu.

Cell has the 2nd Cell Games go live, and the games begin with Goku vs. Cell. Goku fights Cell in multiple rounds, Goku wins and kills Cell, who expresses his regret at not teaming up with Frieza.

Hercule City

Goku tracks the last Dragon Ball to Hercule City and meets Videl, who tells him Mister Buu has the Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks fused into Gotenks again, and were annoyed to find out that they had become kids once more. Goku says that it is good that they are a kid again, as they were stronger as kids than they are now. Goku encounters Gohan in his Great Saiyanman outwit (though Goku misnames him as Super Cyber Man), Gohan was searching for evil Buu and was Great Saiyaman since he has to disguise himself when fighting in town. Goku wants Gohan to prove he can fight in his getup and the two spar. Goku notes that Gohan fights better when wearing normal gear. Goku meets Mister Buu and asks for the Dragon Ball, but Mister Buu won't give it to him, Hercule then convinces Mister Buu to give it to him, and Buu agrees, but only if Goku can beat him. Goku wins and is given the ball.

Now with all the Ultimate Dragon Balls, Goku heads to the Supreme Kai to try and find out how to become the Legendary Saiyan. However, before he can leave Babidi shows up, calling Mister Buu a defective failure, Mister Buu says he will kill Babidi again, but Babidi brainwashes him and has him attack Goku in order to get more energy. After the fight is over, Hercule distracts Mister Buu with sweets while Goku works out how to revert him to normal. Supreme Kai says that positive energy will revert him to normal and sends Trunks to fight Goku to produce this energy. Trunks says he will show the result of his training with Vegeta and the two fight, however it does not free Buu from mind control so Hercule distracts him again. Suddenly Vegeta shows up, having been brainwashed by Babidi again into Demon Prince Vegeta, Goku and Vegeta fight again. Vegeta then attacks Mister Buu and Hercule, and this causes conflict in Mister Buu, causing him to fission again and release Evil Buu (in the form of Super Buu) - meaning a total of three Buus are present. Shin tells Goku to come to the Sacred World quickly, as he has found something out about the Legendary Saiyan.

Supreme Kai's World

Supreme Kai reveals that the Legendary Saiyan is the Super Saiyan God and explains what they know about it - from a document they discovered written in a language they have never seen that Kibito is decoding. Old Kai says that while they wait for the Super Saiyan God info to be deciphered, Goku should fight himself in order to release his hidden power, Goku fights a version of himself who has Goku's true hidden power, and is amazed by the power. Old Kai says that Potential Unleashed is superior to Super Saiyans, and in his opinion even Super Saiyan God.

Goku heads to Earth to attack Kid Buu, who is rampaging, Babidi shows up with Dabura - who is under his control again - and tells Kid Buu to stop wasting energy however Kid Buu revolts and kills them both. Super Buu arrives and teams up with Kid Buu, Goku realizes that even with the power he got from Old Kai he cannot win, but Old Kai calls him and says Vegeta is free from mind control now, so they should use the Potara to fuse. Goku heads up to collect Vegeta, and the two refuse to use the Potara. Goku and Vegeta then arrive back and fight Kid Buu and Super Buu, they are unable to defeat them however. Shin then contacts them and says they have figured out the Super Saiyan God form.

Goku and Vegeta head back to the Supreme Kai world and Shin explains how to become a Super Saiyan God via the ritual. Goku realizes that thanks to Future Trunks being around they have enough Saiyans for the ritual, however before they can proceed King Kai contacts him and says that there is trouble in King Yemma's mansion and that he and Pikkon will head over to explain. They explain that Janemba has formed due to the soul cleansing machine stopping working correctly and must be dealt with otherwise the dead will return to life.

Goku, Vegeta and Gohan head to Earth to deal with the re-appearing dead, while Pikkon goes to deal with Janemba. Goku runs into Raditz and Nappa, who decide to fight him. Suddenly Chilled appears and decides he wants to join the battle, since things seem interesting. Goku defeats the trio and Chilled compares him to Bardock, with Goku wondering who that is. Supreme Kai calls Goku back, as Frieza has shown up again. Goku goes to confront Frieza, who reveals that Bojack is a servant of his, Goku fights and defeats the two. Bojack tells Frieza that they should get the Galaxy Soldiers for aid, and Frieza also says they should locate Cooler and Cold too.

Goku goes to fight his next foe, Dr. Wheelo who wishes to take Goku's body. Goku wonders why Wheelo came back with his robot body and not his organic one, but Cell explains it is because Wheelo has no interest in a weak body and that Wheelo had strengthened Cell's own body. Goku defeats Cell and Wheelo.

Janemba manages to breach otherworld and appears on the surface, Goku arrives and finds that Janemba has beaten Vegeta, Vegeta reveals that Janemba knows every move he makes before he makes it and is impossible to hit. Goku suggests they fuse but Vegeta hates the idea. Goku and Vegeta head back to the Sacred World. Vegeta agrees to fuse with Goku if Goku beats him, Goku beats him and they are about to fuse when the two Buus appear with Janemba, so Goku goes to fight. Majuub appears to aid him and they defeat the two Buus and Janemba, returning everyone to the afterlife. However they must still defeat Omega Shenron, so they head back to Supreme Kai. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Future Trunks form a circle, and undergo the ritual, turning Goku into a Super Saiyan God.

However at that moment Beerus and Whis arrive, with Beerus stating he has perfect timing, and Whis noting that Beerus' prophetic dream was right. Shin and Vegeta recognize Beerus, and Goku asks who he is, with them explaining he is the God of Destruction. Beerus explains he showed up because he had a dream of fighting a Super Saiyan God. Shin says they should wait as Goku became a Super Saiyan God to save the universe, but Beerus says he will destroy the universe if Goku does not fight him. Beerus is impressed by his power after the fight, and Goku states that the realm of Super Saiyan God is a new world of power he could have never reached on his own, and that he does not like that he could not reach it himself.

Broly appears and announces that he is the Legendary Saiyan, Vegeta is surprised by his appearance and then notices that Bardock and Turles have shown up too, having come looking for Frieza, but finding that he has already been defeated. Goku and Gohan are amazed at meeting Bardock. Goku's Super Saiyan God form fades, and he is attacked by Broly. Beerus and Whis decide to watch for amusement. Bardock fights Goku after his spar with Broly, promising to bring out Goku's full power for Broly. Bardock is impressed by his son‘s power and compliments him on beating Frieza. Broly is angry at their emotional reunion and says that you are not a real Saiyan until you kill your parents.

Omega Shenron and Nuova Shenron then appear, and Omega reveals he has gathered enough minus energy to become incredibly powerful, to the point that the Ultimate Dragon Balls would not be able to remove the minis energy. Goku proves his strength to Nuova, who disappears. Omega then reveals his Ultimate Minus Power Energy Ball is almost complete and he only needs a little more minus energy. Omega summons Hirudegarn (and Tapion by mistake) to battle Goku and get more energy, and so Hirudegarn and the extremely impatient Broly attack Goku. Goku defeats them, but Omega gets enough minus energy to complete his attack. Beerus wakes up from his nap and Whis explains what's going on, noting that Omega Shenron's ultimate attack has such an overblown name that it sounds cheap. Beerus is angry that Omega would try and destroy the universe without his permission, so Goku asks him to destroy Omega, however Beerus is more interested in the Super Saiyan God and so aids Omega Shenron to test Goku's power.

Beerus has Whis unleash the power that sleeps within Goku and Vegeta, the power existing in their subconscious that cannot be brought out through simple training. Thanks to this, Goku is able to become a Super Saiyan God on his own. Goku uses the form and quickly defeats Omega Shenron and destroys the Ultimate Minus Energy Power Ball, Omega is destroyed and the minus energy is sealed inside the Ultimate Dragon Balls.

Whis asks Goku if he will be the next God of Destruction if Beerus dies, but Goku declines. Whis and Beerus request to have food from Earth, and so Goku says they can go back and have Bulma cook for them. So they all head back to Earth for a pudding party.

Timeline placement

The events of the Adventure Mode occur several years after GT, at a point where Goku has regrown from a child to an adult.

The events of most Dragon Ball Z movies are acknowledged to have occurred - though Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn did not happen.