The Rigellian Grand Commissioner hires the Guardians of the Galaxy to return his daughter, Princess Tana, to Rigel-3 so she can participate in a ceremony called "the Centering" before her birthday and she becomes an adult. The unruly princess proves to be more than the Guardians can handle. Tana escapes from the Milano and joins up with the Empathetics, a group of rebellious Rigellians hiding out on a scrapyard planet. While Drax and Gamora fight the Empathetics and their powerful telekinetic abilities, Quill sends the coordinates of Tana's escape pod to her father. The Grand Commissioner arrives with a fleet of Rigellian warships to retrieve his daughter and wipe out the Empathetics. Jukka, the Empathetics' leader, reveals that the Centering allows Rigellians to control their telekinetic abilities by stripping them of their emotions. Not wanting this for Tana, the Guardians turn against the Grand Commissioner. Although the Grand Commissioner captures his daughter, Drax delays them long enough that Tana's birthday passes, making her unable to go through the Centering. Princess Tana says her goodbyes to the Guardians, and returns to Rigel-3 in hopes she can create a new society for her people that allows them to keep their emotions.

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