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Grandpa Higurashi (じいちゃん, "Grandpa") is the paternal grandfather of Kagome and Sōta Higurashi; as well as the father of Mr. Higurashi and father-in-law of Mama Higurashi. Grandpa often covered for Kagome's prolonged absences at school with interesting, and often absurd, excuses, which make Kagome's friends worry a lot about her.

Grandpa continually tries to inject some education of the history of the family shrine into everyday life – even to the point of discussing the "history of pickles," much to Kagome's dismay.

Grandpa maintains the shrine grounds, buildings, the sacred tree, handles offerings, and the various Shinto religious ceremonies that are required. He tries to bring in some income to pay the bills by selling various religious paraphernalia, such as the Sacred Jewel key chains (日暮神社 四魂の玉 キ一ホルダ一 ).

He is skilled in handling objects brought to him that need to be blessed, cleansed, or sealed. His abilities save him from death in episode 11, "Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask". But Grandpa's powers are clearly overcome by Inuyasha as he breaks through Grandpa's Ofuda – or "written oracles" in episode 4 "Yura of the Demon-Hair". Although this could be because Inuyasha is only half-demon, it could also be because his charms don't work at all.

In the manga, it is revealed that Kagome's mother is his daughter-in-law who moved to Higurashi Shrine after tragic death of his son and his wife (Kagome's grandmother).

His charms usually never work. In The Final Act, he tells Kagome how to destroy the Sacred Jewel but she dismisses him lightly.

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