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Grandpa Smurf (original French name Vieux Vieux Schtroumpf) is a main character from the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 6 to the end.


Grandpa Smurf was originally the Papa Smurf of the current Papa Smurf when he was just a Smurfling and has made a 500-year journey around the world to find the purest of the four primal elements in order to restore power to the Long Life Force Stone. His knowledge of the world is a valuable asset to the other Smurfs, not to mention various items he kept stored away in his beard such as a magical traveling hot-air balloon. He is identified by his yellow Smurf hat and pants, and by a very long white beard with a drooping moustache, in addition to white head hair that has grown around the back of his head. He usually carries around a walking stick, and though he's usually slightly hunched over holding his back, he's very spry for a Smurf who is twice Papa Smurf's age.


Grandpa and Papa Smurf are particularly close, like father and son. And Grandpa has a grandfather-granddaughter relationship with Sassette Smurfling, who affectionately calls him "Grandpy".

Brainy Smurf is usually quick to question Grandpa's knowledge, like the time Nemesis returned to try stealing the Long Life Force Stone.

Grandpa also has a relationship with Nanny Smurf, and coincidentally she even calls him "Grandpers".


  • His character was voiced by Jonathan Winters, who also voiced Papa Smurf in the 2011 movie.
  • It is unknown who ruled the village between Grandpa Smurf and Papa Smurf, as when Grandpa left, Papa was just a Smurfling. However, since at that time Papa Smurf was the only Smurf and was raised by Palladore, there might not have been a Smurf Village.
  • Grandpa appears to be a very wise magician in addition to adventurer.
  • Grandpa lives in a dark turquoise roofed house on the eastern side of the village.
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