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Hal Jordan appears as a member of the Justice League in the Young Justice animated series, voiced by an uncredited Dee Bradley Baker. Hal makes a non-speaking appearance at the end of the pilot episode, "Independence Day", where he and John Stewart use their rings to contain Blockbuster after he is defeated by RobinKid Flash,Aqualad and Superboy. He then appears helping to bring Mount Justice back online. In the second episode "Welcome to Happy Harbor", Kid Flash mentions that Superman and Green Lantern hollowed out Mount Justice, but it is unclear to which Green Lantern Kid Flash was referring. In the episode "Failsafe", during a mind-training exercise conducted by Martian Manhunter, an illusory Hal and John are apparently vaporized by invading aliens. In "Agendas", Hal and John were convenes recruitment for the new Justice League members; he and John immediately dismiss the idea of adding Guy Gardner to the League.