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A member of the Justice League, and Green Lantern Corps.


He patrols this entire space sector.


  • He doesn't like Batman.
  • He is a Intergalactic Cop.
  • He doesn't believe in Atlantis.
  • Hes good with the Intergalactic Cops, Aliens, and Cybernetic Human but he doesn't like Magic.

Green Lantern Powers

  • Flight
  • He can scan for Energy Signatures using his Ring.
  • No buttons. I assume it works off concentration.
  • Ring, scan and identify.Initiating scan.Processing. Unable to identify.
  • The ring knows what the guardians know, And the guardians know everything.


  • Green Lantern First Flight
  • Justice League: Doom
  • Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox
  • Justice League: War


  • Green Lantern's right arm is broken and he encases his arm with a cast using the power of his ring. While doing so, his ring changes place from his right hand to his left hand. In the next scene when he tries to lead the other heroes, his ring disappears when he clears his throat and then reappears again after a while.