Michelangelo then takes Donatello to see Splinter. On the way there, Michelangelo explains that Shredder had won, and that the entire planet was now under his control. He further explains how Donatello was the glue that held all the other Turtles together, and once he disappeared the other three didn't get along as well and drifted apart. When they arrive Donatello is heartbroken to see Splinter's grave, who had sacrificed himself trying to save his sons. He tells Michelangelo he has a plan to defeat Shredder but he would need the help of his brothers. Michelangelo considers that a tall order, but goes to someone he feels can get them all together again. They arrive at a secret Resistance base where April O'Neil is the leader of a Rebel army. April is overjoyed to see him and tells Donatello that both Splinter and Casey knew he would come back. Donatello asks where is Casey. April's expression turns solemn, as she looks to a picture of Casey on the wall, implying the worst. Realizing that the Shredder's tyranny must end, Donatello then asks April if she can bring back Leonardo and Raphael.
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