Before the Fall of Wall Maria, Hannes would often sit around drinking and socializing with fellow soldiers in Shiganshina District. On one of these days, Eren Jaeger got into an aggressive fist fight with three other boys and the soldiers were called upon by a merchant to stop them. However, a drunken Hannes claimed that someone more qualified to help would be along shortly. Moments later, Mikasa Ackermann came to save Eren with Armin Arlelt trailing behind. The soldiers then cheer on the children as they fight until the merchant throws a bottle at Hugo, calling him a waste of taxes. While Hugo attempts to fight him, Hannes claims that the merchant is speaking the truth and stops him until the merchant hits him in the face as well. The two then engage in a fist fight until a Military Police officer comes and stops them, causing the three boys and Eren to run off.[2]

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