Harry "The Schlub" Parker was a small time crook and street vendor in the 2003 TMNT series.


He was petty con artist but his life changed when he met Nano after his recent pickpocket. He was frightened at first but then decided to adopt Nano and use him for burglary purposes. He used him to break into several stores around and in the "2nd Time Around" store. One night, he and Nano breaked in April's store "2nd Time Around." However, Nano was busy stealing the theatre masks. When they were leaving, they were caught red handed by Casey Jones. Nano took apart a car and made a new body. Casey was easily beaten by Nano but the Turtles heard a noise and went to invistigate it. They encountered Harry and Nano. Harry thought the Turtles were martians and they were invaded Nano defeated the turtles but Don managed to cut a piece from Nano during the fight and discovered that Nano's weakness is extreme heat. Harry and Nano went to the junkyard and made it their hideout. Harry told Nano maybe it's time to leave town because he thinks the Turtles are trying to take Nano back where he came from. The Turtles tried to take Nano apart by cutting him fast and get him in the crusher but Nano keeps coming back. The Turtles caught Nano with an electro-magnet but Harry tries to save his son by turning off the electro-magnet. However, Nano fell into the furnace and said,"Daddy" while melting.He was arrested afterwards.

In his next appearance "Modern Love-The Return of Nano", he is transferred to a new prison. Harry was seen playing a card game with other prisoners and won but when he pulls his gains, a card falls out of Harry's sleeve which reveals he's been cheating the whole time. The other prisoners were about to beat up Harry but Nano comes in breaks his dad out of prison. Nano took him to the treasure but the TMNT defeated Nano and Harry was returned to prison. Harry the Pickpocket.

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