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Professor Helena Xagliv is the Professor of Art History at Friedkin University.


She first appears in Mystery, Incorporeal. Due to her name being "Vilgax" spelled backwards and her wig resembling Vilgax's tentacles, the heroes mistake her for being Vilgax in disguise and assume her to be the villain of the episode.

In Charm School, when Hex becomes a teacher, she flirts with him and tries to asks him out for tea. He becomes disgusted at the thought. After he's turned into a totem by Charmcaster, she asks where Hex is. 

In Third Time's a Charm, Xagliv is shown to have suspicions about Lucky Girl being Gwen Tennyson. She appears again close to the end of the episode, embracing a restored Hex, much to Hex's distaste. 


  • Mystery, Incorporeal (first appearance)
  • Charm School
  • Third Time's a Charm
  • The Most Dangerous Game Show (cameo)


  • Rook reveals that her name is Vilgax spelled backwards.
  • She, Myaxx and Bill Gacks are the only characters mistaken for Vilgax.